What is IM Academy all about?

    Internet Marketing (IM) Academy exists to teach you the basics of how to market virtually any business or product online. Whether you have an existing business, or you’ve never earned a dollar online, we’ll teach you the secrets of top earners, entrepreneurs, and influencers online.

    Who runs IM Academy?

    We’re a group of online marketers, teachers, copywriters, business owners, video creators, and creatives that saw a need for accessible, affordable, self-guided training on how internet marketing really works. We have a passion to help everyday people learn how to become successful online… and now it’s your turn!

    How does the curriculum work?

    You’ll begin with our 101: Fundamentals course, which will start at the beginning with a fully guided tour of the world of internet marketing. Then you’ll move into the world of how your thoughts can become your reality with our 102: Millionaire Mindset Mastery course. You’ll then get free choice of your next courses and verticals, built on a strong foundation.

    How can I adjust/cancel my subscription?

    You can upgrade or adjust your subscription on your profilePlease leave us a message below – or give us a ring: (800) 292-4221

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    Everything at IM Academy is about getting you results. We love when our
    members send us real life stories of their success.

    Practical steps are laid out for how to implement the learning and I can’t recommend it higher to anyone looking to start their journey for internet marketing. IMAcademy gets an A grade from me!
    Justin M. – Minnesota

    It’s all about money for me! 😉 I’ve seen courses ranging from $1,000 to over $20,000 online, but this really gets to the fundamentals and the info that actually matters. Glad I found IMA.Alice Winkler, CA

    I love the way IM Academy doesn’t just teach me one thing so it can sell me another… simple pricing, no surprises, no strings attached, it’s the education I’ve been looking for.Jared Spartman, CO